Mara O’Day – https://campus.digication.com/maratoday/Collage

Possibilities for images:

  1. Sketch the images and write artist names into your sketchbook.
  2. List and describe any visual connections you see in the work.
  3. Research the artists and images further online, list as many visual, material, emotional, technical, cultural and conceptual (idea) connections as you can between the artists and between their work.
  4. Why might these artists be shown in the same art show?
  5. What would you name the show?
  • 6. List further artists you would include in the show
  • 7. Make your own piece to include in the show
  • 8. Write a fictional story or play connecting the images or artists


6 Responses to About

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for posting my work. Rauschenberg is a big influence for sure.

  2. carole laura says:

    it’s a good idea.
    bravo for your website.

  3. I really love your blog…..came across it when looking for work by Marisa Merz afer seeing her work at the Tate Modern in London today…your site is really inspiring!

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